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Naked Palette Dupes

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Sweet Briar. The board has yet to ask for help from anyone other than their lawyers. They have shown absolutely no interest whatsoever in saving the college. They have fought the alumnae, faculty and students at every turn. One of the justices was astute enough to realize there was a third option that a few thousand of us have been screaming for — granting an injunction and letting someone else have a go at it.

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For anyone that knows me well, knows I am a makeup addict. This is one of my go to palettes when I am wanting to create a neutral look. So today I want to bring you some budget friendly dupes for the Naked Palette. It is also larger than the Naked Palette. This palette is very high quality and affordable! There is pretty much a dupe for every shade in the Naked Palette it also has dupes for the Naked 2 Palette-even better.

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